Cashmere Veterinary Clinic is proud to be the only AAHA accredited veterinary clinic in the Wenatchee Valley.
In fact, we’re the only AAHA accredited veterinary clinic in Central Washington!

What does accreditation mean?

The American Animal Hospital Association is the only organization to accredit companion animal veterinary hospitals in the US and Canada. Human hospitals undergo similar mandatory accreditation, however, it is completely voluntary for veterinary hospitals to pursue AAHA accreditation. Only 12-15% of veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada are accredited by AAHA.

Earning the AAHA accreditation means that Cashmere Veterinary Clinic holds itself to a higher standard and that your pet is receiving care at a hospital that has passed the highest standards in veterinary care.

Accreditation by AAHA is the only way to know a veterinary practice is operating at the highest standards of excellence in animal care. Pet owners gain peace of mind when they choose an accredited practice because they know their AAHA-accredited hospital has passed the highest standards of veterinary care.

What requirements must an AAHA Accredited hospital meet?

AAHA sends consultants to AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals periodically for on-site evaluations of the hospital’s adherence to the AAHA Standards of Accreditation. AAHA consultants evaluate hospitals on approximately 900 different standards of veterinary care. Areas that are evaluated include patient care and pain management, surgery, pharmacy, laboratory, exam facilities, medical records, cleanliness, emergency services, dental care, diagnostic imaging, anesthesiology, and continuing education.

How does AAHA Accreditation affect me and my pet?

Because AAHA accreditation is completely voluntary, you can be certain that hospitals that take the time and effort to become certified truly value you and your pet.

These hospitals strive for the highest quality of care possible. Because veterinarians and staff at AAHA accredited hospitals must also meet specific levels of continuing education, you can be sure that your veterinary team is on the cutting edge of animal health.

Likewise, AAHA practices provide immediate diagnostic capabilities and have an onsite pharmacy as well. AAHA standards also reach beyond patient care and medical standards to include excellent customer service. By taking your pets to an AAHA accredited practice, you are ensuring an excellent standard of care and a friendly, caring experience.

An AAHA Accreditation truly means high quality, up-to-date veterinary experience for you and your pet. Because AAHA periodically reviews all of its standards and updates them in order to keep pace with evolving knowledge, you know that we are keeping our hospital at the forefront of veterinary medicine for you and your pet. Cashmere Veterinary Clinic is proud to be the only clinic in the Wenatchee Valley to meet such exceptional standards.

Why did Cashmere Veterinary Clinic decide to become AAHA Accredited?

  • We care about your pets.
  • We care about practicing the highest level of veterinary medicine.
  • We wanted to give our clients a tangible way to know that they can trust that we are practicing at the highest level of medicine.
  • We love what we do.
  • We know that your pets are an important part of your family. If accreditation is required for human hospitals then it is just as important for veterinary hospitals.

Cashmere Veterinary Clinic received its AAHA Accreditation on June 16, 2020.