Cashmere Veterinary Clinic offers several preventive options for at-home oral health care for dogs and cats. Please contact Cashmere Veterinary clinic for more information or for help in choosing the best treatment plan for your pet’s oral health.

Enzadent Toothbrush Kit: Enzadent® Toothbrush Kit contains a traditional-style, dual-ended toothbrush, a handy fingerbrush, and a large tube of poultry-flavored Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste. The Enzadent fingerbrush is a convenient and effective way to apply toothpaste and massage the gums of compliant pets. Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste does not foam or need to be rinsed, and can be swallowed safely. Both dogs and cats love the tasty poultry flavor. The Enzadent dual-ended toothbrush features a large head and a smaller head to accommodate dogs and cats of all sizes. The heads are set at ergonomically correct angles to make brushing easier.

DenTees Chewable Stars and Sticks: DenTees is the first and only patent-protected limited-antigen treat to provide dental care benefits in one nutritious enjoyable chew. Odofactants neutralize stomach odors and freshen breath. Abrasive action and patented ingredients (HMP and patented acetic acid) decrease buildup of dental plaque, block formation of tartar, and physically remove both. Brightens teeth. No beef of beef byproducts. No preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. Created by a board-certified veterinary dentist and other expert veterinarians. Improves digestibility. Limited antigen for allergic dogs. Chews have about 78 calories. Stars have about 8 calories.

DenAcetic Wipes: These convenient, ready-to-use wipes contain acetic acid and sodium hexametaphosphate (HMP). Cleaning is by mechanical means utilizing the uneven surface of the wipes and the potent degreasing ability of the acetic acid. HMP is a common component in various dental products. Both acetic acid and HMP are sequestering agents, which bind minerals effectively inhibiting the transformation (mineralization) of dental plaque into tartar. HMP also coats the teeth and prevents further plaque, calculus, and tartar build-up. The flavoring agent is a pleasant cinnamon-clove, which is favored by dogs and deodorizes their breath. The clove has an age-old additive effect of relieving pain, thus soothing the gums.

Vetradent Oral Spray: Vetradent Dental Spray is scientifically formulated to help fight plaque and tartar in dogs and cats. Using Biotrate Technology, the spray works against oral bacteria to reduce the accumulation of tartar by breaking down the biofilm where bacteria live.

  • Easy to use
  • Backed by safety studies
  • Xylitol, alcohol, and chlorhexidine-free
  • Vanilla flavored

Vetradent Rawhide Chews: Vetradent Rawhide Dental Chews for dogs are made with naturally abrasive beef rawhide. They are scientifically formulated with Biotrate Technology to control tartar by working against bacteria and altering the environment in your dog’s mouth.

Vetradent Water Additive: Vetradent Water Additive is scientifically formulated with Biotrate Technology to control tartar by working against bacteria and altering the environment in your pet’s mouth. This easy-to-use home dental product is provided to the pet by simply adding a measured amount of Vetradent Water Additive to your pet’s drinking water.

Vetradent Dental Wipes: The convenient, ready-to-use wipes contain sodium citrate, citric acid, and zinc chloride as the active ingredients. The citric acid stabilizes the zinc chloride, significantly inhibiting the release of volatile sulfur compounds and decreasing bad breath. Additionally, the sodium citrate works as both an antibiofilm ad antimicrobial agent, chelating the minerals needed for biofilm formulation and bacterial growth. Sodium citrate binds to calcium, keeping the calcium in a soluble form (as calcium citrate), making it unavailable to form tartar. The bottle contains a 60 count of wipes.

Bio-Dent Chewable Tablets (Standard Process): Bio-Dent provides ingredients to support cell function and a healthy skeletal system.

  • Addresses the energy needs of muscle tissue
  • Aids in the maintenance of healthy muscle, bone, and skin
  • Supports the body’s natural processes of growth, development, and repair of teeth
  • Supports bone remodeling