Pet Education

Here are some resources for help with training – for both you and your pet. There is also a link to a behavior specialist in Washington State.

Clicker Training With Karen Pryor – using positive reinforcement for training; for both dogs and cats.

Wenatchee Kennel Club – Offering Puppy socialization and obedience classes, as well as rally, tracking, and show handling for the more experienced.

Chelan Dog – With group and individual classes for your dog.

All Creatures Behavior Counseling – Dr. Wailani Sung is one of 62 Board-certified veterinary behaviorists in the nation. She is located in Seattle and works with every type of pet behavior problem.

Grief and Loss

Most of our pets’ lives are destined to be even shorter than ours. That is both good and sad. In their short lives, they teach us about life and about death. They go forward where we are afraid to go, and they remind us to enjoy each day and each relationship for everything it can possibly be.

“I’ve decided that having dogs is sort of like having kids. You go through so much agony to get your kids here, you SWEAR you’ll never be stupid enough to do that again and then you just buckle up for the ride. Dogs are the same way. It’s a glorious journey, only the pain is at the end when you part. Yet, our short term memory allows us to jump back in and try it again . . . ’cause it was all worth it. Does that make sense?”
~~~ Kelli S. reflecting on the parting of ‘Aslan’ 08/23/04

Check out the Pet Loss Hotline at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine for more support.

Other Resources

The Washington State Veterinary Medical Association or WSVMA has a broad cross-section of informational and educational links designed just for pet owners.

The Wenatchee area dog park FIDO will be a place for dogs to stretch their legs off-leash and enjoy interacting with their canine companions. Visit their website and watch this idea become a reality!

The Wenatchee Humane Society can help with questions and issues related to animal control, feral animals, and lost pets. They also have a financial program to help people of limited means in spaying or neutering their pets. Ask them if you might qualify.

Some of our favorite training and behavior resources are listed on the Cashmere Vet Clinic Book Prescription Page. It is in PDF format so that you may print it for shopping or sharing.

Recommended Reading

Some of our favorite resources are listed on the Cashmere Vet Clinic Book Prescription Page. It is in PDF format so that you may print it for shopping or sharing.

Here is a short list of some of my favorite books on the ‘human animal bond’ and the communication,  training, and information that helps maximize this opportunity in our lives.  There are many other excellent resources.  For purchase of these books, you might check out the website of Dogwise – an amazing place with roots right here in the Wenatchee Valley.

Puppy Books

Puppy Primer
Brenda Scidmore and Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

There’s A Puppy In The House! Surviving the First Five Months
Mike Wombacher

The Human-Animal Bond: Their Gift To Us

Bones Would Rain From The Sky – Deepening Our  Relationship With Dogs
Suzanne Clothier

Tales Of Two Species
Patricia McConnell

Common Challenging Behaviors

Finding A Balance.  Issues Of Power In The Human/Dog Relationship
Suzanne Clothier

I’ll Be Home Soon. How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

Barking. The Sound of a Language
Turid Rugaas

Cautious Canine. How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

Mine! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs
Jean Donaldson

Way to Go! How To Housetrain A Dog Of Any Age
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

Stress in Dogs
Martina Scholz & Clarissa von Reinhardt

My Dog Pulls What Do I Do?
Turid Rugaas

Chill Out Fido! How to Calm Your Dog
Nan Arthur

Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage and Enjoy a Multi-Dog Household
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. and Karen London

Basic Training

How To Be The Leader Of The Pack – And HaveYour Dog Love You For It!
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

Positive Perspectives. Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog
Pat Miller

Family Friendly Dog Training. A Six Week Program for You and Your Dog
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.


Goodbye My Friend. Grieving the Death of a Pet
Mary and Herb Montgomery

Canine Reproduction

Puppy Intensive Care. A Breeder’s Guide to Care of Newborn Puppies-  with DVD
Myra Savant-Harris

Parenting with Pets – Baby Introductions

And Baby Makes Four. A Trimester-by-Trimester Guide to a Baby-Friendly Dog
Penny Scott-Fox

Staff Recommendations:

The Art of Racing in the Rain
Garth Stein